How To Be More Social On Social Media

Let’s face it, some of the most extroverted people in person can often appear introverted when it comes to their online presence, and most introverts are well…..Introverted. Social Media can seem overwhelming with all of the different platforms. Pins vs Tweets vs Snaps, FB Live and Instagram stories, likes, loves and comments. Handling Social Media […]

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There are very few real estate professionals that can be everything to everybody. However, when most agents start out you are told to market yourself to the masses. You make uncomfortable cold calls, intrusive door knock, spam the heck out of your sphere of influence. The problem? There are thousands of real estate agents in your […]

How To Use Niche Marketing To Set Your Brand Apart


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I’VE GOT A RIDDLE FOR YOU… …What has 2 thumbs, thousands of followers, and a slight taco addiction: this gal. But how might you ask? Well let me tell ya, it didn’t happen over night. It actually happened over two years of residing in Texas and happily living off of mexican food. Oh you meant the thousands […]

How To Design The Perfect Instagram Feed

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