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How To Be More Social On Social Media

December 14, 2020

Let’s face it, some of the most extroverted people in person can often appear introverted when it comes to their online presence, and most introverts are well…..Introverted. Social Media can seem overwhelming with all of the different platforms. Pins vs Tweets vs Snaps, FB Live and Instagram stories, likes, loves and comments. Handling Social Media […]

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Let’s face it, some of the most extroverted people in person can often appear introverted when it comes to their online presence, and most introverts are well…..Introverted. Social Media can seem overwhelming with all of the different platforms. Pins vs Tweets vs Snaps, FB Live and Instagram stories, likes, loves and comments. Handling Social Media can feel like a FULL-TIME JOB. And to be honest, a lot of real estate agents ask WHY do I even need _________ (insert social media platform name here).

In this article, you are going to learn 5 ways to totally bring social back to social media!

Let’s go!



This may seem less like reducing the stress and more like adding one more block to the Jenga pile you’re already balling but hear me out. Being intentional with your Social Media presence is a key component of being able to measure your success. Are you trying to get in front of new buying/selling clients? Establish yourself as a leading industry professional and thought leader for invites to guest post for blogs or speak at speaking engagements? Drive traffic to your website so that more people see your listings/service offerings? Get more than 1000 followers?

Whatever your main goal may be, it’s important to know what that goal is for you and your real estate business so that you can see how well you’re making progress towards that goal.


Whether you have 5 followers or 500,000 followers, it’s important to engage with your followers. If they’ve taken the time to engage with your post, then you should definitely do the same. Not only does this allow your followers and clients to know that you are engaged as a real estate agent, but it also helps your post to gain additional viewership with your other followers.

Did you know that your post doesn’t automatically get shown to all of the people who follow you? The social media platforms show your post to a small sample size of your followers, and if it’s engaging, then the platform believes that even more people should see it and expands your reach. Engaging with your potential clients makes them feel appreciated and fosters organic relationships, while also having the added benefit of helping even more people see it. Win-Win right?


The title might be confusing, but it’s a simple strategy I use to remind myself that live video doesn’t HAVE to be daunting with social media. There are plenty of ways to approach live video content on social media, but one of the easiest ways I’ve found to get into the swing of it is to simply go live while you’re doing something in your day. Helping a client pick out paint colors? Go live and ask for opinions. Grabbing coffee at a trendy coffee shop in a hot target neighborhood? Go live to show off space, or your favorite coffee drink, and tag the shop in the video as well.

These are very easy examples of ways to go live and allow your followers to get to see you in your natural element and feel connected to you even more. As an agent, having your potential clients feel like you’re approachable and engaging is a key area that not enough of us utilize on Social Media. Go LIVE while you live, start the conversation, and become connected with your followers in new and interesting ways!


This one may feel a bit like cheating during the algebra final exam, but I’m absolutely telling you to copy the formulas of those more successful than you! This might be one of those hard to swallow pride pills, but if you’re not happy with your social media profiles and engagement then you should follow the blueprints of those who are successful in areas you’re weak at. If you find real estate profiles that look amazing, see what elements you can introduce into your own profile to change the look/tone/feel of your page.

Let’s say, there’s an agent profile that gets consistent engagement from their followers on every post, while you ask mom to check your profile to make sure it posted because it didn’t get any likes yet. Start to look at the types of posts that agent shares, look at when they post, look at the questions they ask, etc. and see what could fit with your brand and personality. This is absolutely one of those, “don’t reinvent the wheel” moments. Look for what works, and start to implement those strategies into your profile.


Sometimes you just don’t know what to do next, or what changes to implement, or what your followers would like to hear more from you, or how they might react to a change. When in doubt, start with the people who are receiving the content: Your Followers. Do not be afraid to ask your follower’s opinions. Post a poll, ask them on a post, or send out a survey. These are the people who are your core audience, so giving them what they want (or have grown to expect from you) is important.


It’s easy to say, “Get on Social Media, because you need to be on there” but without breaking down some of the barriers to getting social it’s hard to know how to move forward. These are just a few practical ways to reduce the stress of social media and start to figure out your direction on the variety of social media platforms as a real estate agent. So go out there and Do You Boo, and be sure to tag me as you start to get more social so we can be more social together.



What are things that you do to be more social on social media? Leave your response in the comment section below.

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